Teak Handrails – getting the Woodskin treatment

So early on we decided to use International Woodskin Flexible Wood Oil/Varnish on some of the teak on board.  This is a varnish-like finish that allows the wood to “breathe”.  It also doesn’t need quite as much preparation as varnish with only a light sanding needed to get additional coats on.  Once we are away, we will be doing this on a six-monthly basis to protect the wood and keep it looking good.

However, we were slightly unhappy with the existing state of the handrails, which hadn’t been touched for a couple of years.  In particular, these were not very smooth and had ridges all over them.  This caused problem for the woodskin too which didn’t go on evenly.  We decided that it would be best to take the handrails back down to the natural teak colour using scrapers and sandpaper.  working on handrailsThis would then give a smooth finish for the woodskin to soak into.  However, it is best to do this with your eyes open and not how I appear in the photo!

We had started the process at the back end of last season but hadn’t been able to complete it prior to the bad weather.  18403221_10155892586487069_680045513512033789_nSo I started this on the Friday and soon had the handrails back down to a finish that was more acceptable.  Having had issues with the woodskin getting onto deck, stainless etc as part of the application, I decided to use masking tape across the bases of each of the handrails.  This did take time, since I wanted to make sure that the tape was shaped around the curved handle and provided the protection needed.  By late on Sunday, after a glorious sunny day, I was ready for the first coats of the woodskin.  The plan would be to apply a minimum of four (light) coats but realistically as many as we can since the depth of colour and protection gets better with more coats.  The touch dry time is 4 hours and then 24 hours for it to be fully dry, so a reasonable week of weather and it will be done.  I apply the first coat on all four handrails and it looks great so I can settle down, relax and admire my handy work.  Five hours later, the first of the rain hits 😦 grrrrh!  Fortunately it looks like the woodskin was dry enough but we waited for everything to dry out before adding the additional coats.  So three coats down and it has consistently rained five to six hours after I have done them!

her is a link to our original work using wood skin: Exterior wood


2 thoughts on “Teak Handrails – getting the Woodskin treatment”

  1. Hi Maria and Adam
    Don’t know if you remember us it’s Anne and Peter from Sacre Bleu – we would bump into each other on the pontoon – just been reading your blog it’s great – we are now safely in Corfu – enjoying the life now we have left but miss friends ! Wondered if you still planning to leave this year?? Hope you guys are well , Anne and Peter x

    1. Hi there,

      Of course we remember you 🙂

      I’m really pleased that you are living the dream and are settled in the med. We still have some work to do and I think we will go in 2019/20 and head across the pond at the end of that year on the ARC.

      We have to finish the build in Italy before we can go so that it can provide an income for us. The boat is pretty much finished. We have a few projects underway right now and then it is rig and sails before we can go. Although I am sure Maria would like a few extra cosmetic things done too 🙂

      Really nice to hear from you and I am so pleased things are going well for you.

      Catch up soon 🙂

      Kind regards,


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