Monthly Archives: May 2017

Entertainment (TV on a boat – yes I know, sorry)

Well there we go I have brought up the dreaded T word -TV. There seem to be a number of schools of thought on this. I go sailing to get away from the modern world including television There is nothing to watch on TV these days What channels are you going to get in Fiji […]
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Teak Handrails – getting the Woodskin treatment

So early on we decided to use International Woodskin Flexible Wood Oil/Varnish on some of the teak on board.  This is a varnish-like finish that allows the wood to “breathe”.  It also doesn’t need quite as much preparation as varnish with only a light sanding needed to get additional coats on.  Once we are away, […]
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Pull on the green line. Which one, they are all green!

Sometimes you have these conversations with your wife and sailing buddy.  Then you realise it really is beyond the time to do what needs to be done. For the last few weeks, I have been looking for my next role in work and this has meant that I have had more time than I usually […]
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