Monthly Archives: May 2016

Ramsgate for Dunkirk Little Ships weekend

Our standard each year is to go down to Ramsgate or across the channel for Easter. Easter was early this year and the weather awful so that put paid to that idea. We have also just had the navigation upgraded and wanted to check this out including the AIS so we also thought that a […]
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The summer has arrived, let’s hope that isn’t the whole summer!

Over the last few weeks we had a crisis of confidence with the engine due to the overheat in our first shakedown.  As you will have seen from other blog posts regarding the engine and engine room, we had gone through a process of regaining confidence and this weekend was to be our shakedown, sea […]
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Sorting the engine – step 2

Then Lindsay said, “Let there be light”; and (after Olly had done his magic) there was light. Lindsay saw that the light was good; and separated the engine from the darkness. So the Seapower marine double-act have continued to give the engine room some much needed TLC.  It was impossible to see anything in the […]
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