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Winterising and other Mobile Home improvements

We have now had our Autotrail Tracker RB for two and a half years and I feel we have learnt a lot. We originally spaced the van with water heaters on the waste and cold water tank. We did this because we expected to be taking the van away for ski holidays and we have […]
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Returning from Austria

So we have had a fantastic ski holiday. Maria has gone from being a little apprehensive because of her boots to loving every minute. She is now desperate to get back on the slopes. After our last day of skiing I have had to clear quite a bit of snow from around the van, including an […]
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Two weeks in Fieberbrunn in a motorhome

Most people who know us and are still living in homes think we are mad for living on a plastic boat especially in the winter. Imagine how they think when they hear we go to freezing ski resorts in a motorhome. We must be good in the cold! Those who know Maria well will know […]
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Returning from Italy and a lost cat

Despite the fact that Maria has worked for most of it, we have still had a great holiday with a couple of visits to the Lido, meeting new friends and some great food.  There were a few really good friends that we didn’t get to catch up with as well as a few where we […]
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Italy, here we come

The annual pilgrimage to Italy started, this year, from Kent.  So it’s Wednesday and you will recall Maria starts the holiday earlier and earlier each year. Maria finishes her last work call at about 3:30pm and we are on our way to the Eurotunnel which is only ten minutes away since we join the M20 […]
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Maria needs a holiday

Maria has a sneaky plan that she thinks I don’t get. Each year when we go for our two week summer holiday, she steals an extra day or so. Last year, we left in mid week so that we arrived in Italy for the weekend.  This year, Maria has booked us into a place in […]
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Clothes Washing

Mariadz, when we first got her, had a SOBA washing machine which is small and apparently designed for the yachting life.  However, Maria wanted to see if there was a portable solution that would work on the boat, in the motorhome or in Italy before the main house was finished. In the end, she decided […]
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The journey home from Italy

After ten days in Puglia it was time to come home and having taken Lisa to the airport via Alberobello, we packed up the small house and started getting ready for our departure. The route back was going to take a little longer than the 2.5 days we’d spent driving down and we had allowed […]
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Road trip to Italy

Our summer holiday this year was to be off the boat and a trip down to our building project in the South of Italy. Rather than fly and so we could take Bonnie and Clyde with us (and Maria’s best friend Lisa!), we decided to drive down again this time in our own motorhome for […]
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Welcome to the Mariadz website

Our first blog, explaining Mariadz and what we are doing!