Monthly Archives: January 2016

Archives (and now videos) being updated all the time

We acquired Mariadz in 2013 and have done a lot of work on her over the years. Mother archives are being updated all the time catching up with everything we have done and the reasons we have done them. All of the posts for the refit since we bought the Moody can be accessed here. […]
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Battery life or how can they be dead when we only had the lights on…

One good thing was that the boat came with relatively new Rolls AGM batteries. These seemed in reasonable condition and they were split as a dedicated engine start battery and two bags of 4x110Ah batteries dedicated to domestic supply and the winches. Having done some research on battery charging, we decided that we would never […]
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Boat cards now produced

So Maria and I have just spent the last two hours trying to design some cards that we will be able to use on our travels. Thanks to Trevor and Rebecca Martin, Clare and Vic and others for their help inspiring us. We hope you like it. The first picture is us anchored in the […]
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Mariadz, Moody 54

Dunkirk (Early 2013) Crew: Adam Dunlop, Maria Dunlop, Lisa Jones Predicted weather: S/w 20 knots to help us get back to Ramsgate. That all sounds fine until there is a sharp change in the weather and the prediction goes out of the window with a force 8 on the nose!  Our Dufour 455 was being […]
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Trulli Mariadz – an introduction

Once we had visited Puglia we knew where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives (after our adventure. We then needed to think about how this could help us to achieve our dreams…

Hello 2016

Well, we’re still not back on the boat. Loads of work has been done but it is still being finalised and with the bad weather we decided to stay with Lisa Jones for a few weeks while everything settles down. We came off the boat in October to allow for a lot of work to […]
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Welcome to the Mariadz website

Our first blog, explaining Mariadz and what we are doing!

And off the boat again!

Oh well, that didn’t last long.  We were on the boat for about six weeks before moving off and onto the motorhome.  We have decided to do quite a major project of refreshing the navigation and sorting out the power on Mariadz. It will take a few weeks….. unfotunately, when you start these things, there’s […]
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