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The grand project is reluctantly put up for sale

Those who know Maria and I well, or have read the website, will know that we have had a couple of dreams, rather than the one dream in the tag line. The first of these is to travel the world on Mariadz. As you will have seen, getting the boat ready has taken a lot […]
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When in Italy

As I am sure you have been able to tell from the website, we are rather keen on Italy and Puglia in particular.  However we are not the types to try and turn a small part of Italy into little England.  To that end for the last few years we have been trying to learn […]
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(Unhappy) update on Italy

It is not all blue skies, white stone and ambitious plans and unfortunately there are some things that happen that bring you crashing back to reality. I’m not talking about the recent political resignation either, although who knows what impact that will have! Last weekend, we discovered that the small deposito on our land had […]
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Build in Puglia – Trullo complete

The build continues in Puglia and Massimo and the team are making great progress. We are now nearing the end of the Rustic phase and all the cones are complete inside and out. And they look AMAZING! The scaffolding is down and they can now be seen in all their glory. I have mentioned before […]
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Trulli Mariadz – the build takes shape

We have returned to italy after a few months to the most exciting part of the build from our perspective, the building of the trullo cones by Trullidream construzione. The house is really taking shape away and the “rustic” build will be completed in the coming months.  This is the build of the walls and […]
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Road trip to Italy

Our summer holiday this year was to be off the boat and a trip down to our building project in the South of Italy. Rather than fly and so we could take Bonnie and Clyde with us (and Maria’s best friend Lisa!), we decided to drive down again this time in our own motorhome for […]
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Trulli Mariadz build – update

We have described previously the ambitious build we have planned in Puglia. The plan is to have our roots in Southern Italy where the people are so friendly.  The cost of living is a lot lower than the UK and it is possible to buy a nice retirement property for the price of a flat […]
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Trulli Mariadz – an introduction

Once we had visited Puglia we knew where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives (after our adventure. We then needed to think about how this could help us to achieve our dreams…

Welcome to the Mariadz website

Our first blog, explaining Mariadz and what we are doing!