Monthly Archives: September 2013

Electric toilets and pipes

Apparently there are few jobs worse than a blocked toilet on a boat, I can use the term “heads” but trying to be inclusive will use a term that non-yachties will understand. Anyway, no one wants to have to work out the blockage in a toilet system in a confined space with some pretty nasty […]
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Heated towel rail

I may have mentioned Mornin’ Gorgeous a few times during the purchase of our Moody 54, but it has to be said she was an inspiration for some of the things to do. Another one of these ideas was the fitting of a heated towel rail in the state room heads. On the Dufour we […]
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I can’t stand the rain, at my window

When we initially viewed the Moody, on the hard, we understood that the tarpaulin over the boom was a means of protecting the boat from bird droppings. Apparently the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary either. Due to travel and work commitments, we couldn’t collect the boat from the Solent to bring her to Ipswich […]
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