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Clyde Dunlop – internet star

Clyde will be unbearable for a while now. He was recently selected as the background picture for Practical Boat Owners Facebook page. He is now wandering around with shades on waiting to sign autographs!

Cabin reading lights

You don’t need to be on Mariadz very long to know that there is very little compromise if something isn’t working quite right.  We have a theory that the last thing we want to be doing is to be fixing something in the middle of the Pacific or on a remote island if there is […]
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Maria’s disco lights…

Maria has the full standalone karaoke setup but of course needs all of the lighting too…not quite. This was us trying to be sensible about the likelihood of having to work in darkness at the mast.  The Moody comes with a forward facing deck light which works quite well on the foredeck.  But for working […]
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Honey, we’re home

How good does that feel. We’re back on the boat. Olly has done an amazing job, and Lindsay and Stevie…., everything is back together (nearly) and the boat is ready for us to come back aboard.  Now we start to see some of the benefit of the work we have done.  The navigation will have […]
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Battery monitoring

As we go round the world we want to be self sufficient for power and that means understanding what power is coming in and going out of the batteries. The main type of battery monitor available is an amp hour counter which counts the amps going in and the amps going out.  We went with the […]
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Inverter charger and generator

As part of the original fit of the Moody, it had come with an inverter, long since removed by a previous owner, and an HFL generator, which had been scrapped soon after our purchase because it didn’t work and was uneconomical to repair. The entire cooling system had corroded on the original 10.5 KVa generator […]
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New navigation

The original electrical panel was still in place on the Moody and this had various additions added to it over the years. On the left hand side there were two chart plotters. The Raymarine was original fit and was linked to the similar unit in the cockpit.  Around about 2010, AIS had been added and […]
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