Monthly Archives: March 2016

Saloon table refurbishment

Unfortunately, the saloon table had also been damaged and poorly repaired as part of the fire that had happened on the boat a number of years ago.  We tried a couple of fixes but nothing really looked very good. We were really looking for the wow factor that made you think it was something special as […]
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Mariadz – TV star

A few weeks after Clyde became famous as the paws of Practical Boat Owner, Mariadz has struck back by being front and centre during the Look East review of the new Ipswich River crossing. So that’s their five minutes of fame done! maybe we can go back to a quiet life now 🙂  

Trulli Mariadz build – update

We have described previously the ambitious build we have planned in Puglia. The plan is to have our roots in Southern Italy where the people are so friendly.  The cost of living is a lot lower than the UK and it is possible to buy a nice retirement property for the price of a flat […]
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What a waste, grey waste actually

During our ownership of Mariadz we have had intermittent problems with the aft grey waste box which is fed from the stateroom heads (shower and sink) and also the galley sink. These have usually been as a result of a stuck float switch in the grey water box that gathers it all together before it […]
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Helm improvements….

We have discussed how we changed the Mariadz navigation to update it and added in Forward Facing Sonar.  With Maria at the helm when we come into bays and marinas, the use of the FFS may be limited by Maria’s ability to see anything 😉 So we have added a small plotter on the helm […]
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