Monthly Archives: March 2018

Winterising and other Mobile Home improvements

We have now had our Autotrail Tracker RB for two and a half years and I feel we have learnt a lot. We originally spaced the van with water heaters on the waste and cold water tank. We did this because we expected to be taking the van away for ski holidays and we have […]
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The beast from the East

We’re in the middle of the hardest winter since we moved onto the boat and now we have been hit by the Beast from the East. Now I have to say that my first thought on this was that it was a woman that we met in a Colchester night club, that I needed Maria […]
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Throttle and generator changes

As always with a boat, there were a few niggly things that we need to get done before the start of the season. The first of these is the throttle on Mariadz.  This is located on the steering binnacle next to the forward facing radar control but Maria has always struggled when the engine is […]
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