Monthly Archives: July 2016

Thames barge race weekend

So it is the midde of July and we have been out in the boat quite a few times already this year.  This has included a number of trips down the river, anchoring overnight in the stour or Orwell and returning late on Sunday.  On various of these trips we have had guests.  For the […]
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Sorting the engine – Part 3

The engine saga continues but as Lindsey at Seapower told us, it is lots of small steps that get us closer to the goal and improves the engine. We started this process a little while ago by adding sensible lighting into the engine room so that you could see what you are doing.  The LED […]
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WIFI or how do you think Maria gets all those food pictures on Facebook

This blog has been requested literally once. But I am not one to ignore the clamour of my only reader. When we had the Dufour we had looked into this and decided to go with the RedBox from mailasail with the wifibat extender, an expensive solution that promised a lot. I thought I would be able […]
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