Exterior wood

We have always been quite partial to “varnished” toe rails but of course the problem is the upkeep. All that sanding down and reapplying would become a nightmare. The research we had done on International Paints Woodskin had been encouraging and having tried it with excellent results on the cockpit table, we decided to do the same for the toe rail, hand holds and pushpit seats.

Preparation involves removing the stainless work and a light sanding but then the woodskin does the rest. 066EB66B-74CE-4100-9AE7-369B3D9E857CIt will need a lot of thin coats (4-6 seems good) to get the colour and the protection right and it seems we will need to add a coat every six months or so while we are travelling. Low maintenance and great looking – just like Maria……hmmm 😉 And bonnie approves too..

exterior woodwork

We also like the teak itself to not be grey and quite often treat it with the two part cleaner. It looks great but then fades away… 😦

image This was before we had put the wood skin on the toe rail but the teak came up really well.

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