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Archives (and now videos) being updated all the time

We acquired Mariadz in 2013 and have done a lot of work on her over the years. Mother archives are being updated all the time catching up with everything we have done and the reasons we have done them.

All of the posts for the refit since we bought the Moody can be accessed here.

And here is our favourite post at the moment.

And now you can see our you tube channel with some videos of Mariadz and her crew.

Hello 2016

Well, we’re still not back on the boat.

Loads of work has been done but it is still being finalised and with the bad weather we decided to stay with Lisa Jones for a few weeks while everything settles down.

We came off the boat in October to allow for a lot of work to be done without us in the way. Due to a combination of minor problems and additional commissioned work, this got delayed to Christmas and the to late January.