Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cockpit Table refurbishment

We don’t like grey/silver teak and we know that is how it is meant to look naturally but sorry we like our wood brown! So we spent some time investigating treatments that would make the wood look good but still allow it to breathe.  Varnish is a lot of work especially in the sun and we […]
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Refurbishing the Saloon

At some point prior to our ownership there had been a minor fire caused by a faulty dehumidifier.  This had caused fire, smoke and water damage.  Unfortunately, the previous owners had decided to repair the damage at the cheapest possible price and cut a number of corners.  Apart from rebuilding the galley that makes maintenance […]
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Headlining problems

Unfortunately, Moody yachts are famous for problems with the headlining. Ours was made worse because every window in the saloon leaked which meant that rainwater went behind the headlining and destroyed the glue between the headlining and the fibreglass. when we first got the boat, we found that the headlining near the curtains was actually […]
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