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    • Dear Sir, thank you to share your experiences with boating pages. I found there to be Echopilot 2 D sonar. Can you tell us about your experiences and activities of the sensor installation location and in general. I bought a similar purpose, and install it in the near future. I’m trying to get all the information and kokemuksest web site regarding the foward sonar devices with. has been surprising to note a clear difference between the others did not work, and others are satisfied. I formed the concept is the key to the installation and location of the sensor and the second to learn to adjust the optimum device, as well as radar requires adjustment to show well.

      Best regards

    • Hi DreamChaser. It is nice to get positive feedback. You right these things but genuinely have no idea whether people are enjoying them or are bored by them.
      It seems you are a few years ahead of us, we are jealous (in a happy-for-you-and-can’t-wait-for-our-turn way).
      Fair winds and happy sailing adventures, hopefully catch up at some stage on our travels.

    • Hi Wibbs
      Thanks again for today, feel a fraud as I don’t bother with cuts but omg it hurt wouldn’t stop bleeding lol. Anyway Adam took me for a lovely Turkish meal and we had a nice drink to get over the stupidity.
      We mean it keep in touch. Live your dreams with the good lady and come see us in the marina and when we go sailing off. Your adventures sound amazing and we think your inspiring. Don’t get dragged into the politics of the NHS X
      Mariadz X

    • Hi Ron, at the bottom of the blogs should be a following option with WordPress. You can choose to follow using your email address. Come back to us if you are having any problems.


  1. Hi Adam !

    Greetings from the Sabina H now safely in drydock in Hull !!!

    an exciting and eventful voyage, Had problems with the hydraulic steering after leaving Harwich …. blowing oil out of the filler cap !!! all over the wheelhouse. Called in to Lowestoft, no room for us in the Marina so the Harbourmaster put us in the Hamilton dock amongst the Seacats and fishing boats.
    Bled the air out of the steering (for the umpteenth time) and bought some more oil (I was down to the last cup full when we got in) managed to save someone who had fallen into the dock in the middle of the night (I am amazed I actually heard him shrieking for help while I was in my bed) He was dead lucky as I think we were the only boat there with people on board (not that Alec was aware ….. he’d been in the pub all day)
    Left Lowestoft for Wells and got a good bashing off the Norfolk coast at one point it took us an hour to do 2 miles. It looked like we were going to miss the tide although we had picked up to about 4 knots as the wind and swell moderated. The Wells lifeboat was out on a couple of shouts (they towed in two boats that had got in difficulty) and the cox offered a tow to the fairway buoy so we wouldn’t have to anchor off for the night, needless to say I took them up on their offer. Even with them towing and me going full ahead we only got up to about 6 knots and by the time they dropped me off the tide was running out fast, but we managed (with the assistance of the harbourmaster) to get on to a buoy near the entrance, and were dried out within an hour.
    The next stage to Spurn Point was fine and we averaged about 7 knots for the passage.
    I got a call to say that the boat in the drydock needed some extra work and was going to be a couple of days late leaving so rather than try and find a layby berth we decided to stay at anchor.
    The next day it blew up a force 7 and Spurn is a very exposed anchorage, the other two boats at anchor both dragged and were unable to make enough headway to get back to the anchorage. One set off across the Humber to find shelter at a spot suggested by the VTS, the other set off the wrong way down the separation scheme totally ignoring the radio with Humber VTS doing their nu,t having to adjust the routes of some of the ships going through at that time.. We didn’t drag, I had about 60 metres of chain out, but it was very uncomfortable.
    Anyway now safely in drydock in Hull (on the Hull river)

    Spoke to Mark today and he gave me your details again ( I had written them down wrong) He sends his regards

    All the best John

    • Hi John,

      Really good to hear from you and I am glad you got up there safely and with no more fuel issues. Absolute pleasure to meet you and to be shown the gorgeous Sabina H, she really reminds me of a cosy ski chalet inside.

      you can email us on and keep in touch.

      Kind Regards,


  2. Hi Adam, we met on the train on 14th August, when i bought a house whilst sitting beside you, and you later put this website up. I have had a read and it seems an interesting life you lead.

    The house we bought is adjoining the Trent, transaction nearly complete, so i guess we will soon be thinking about some sort of boat – but definitely freshwater only!! Our meeting was a remarkable coincidence as i was in London for the funeral of a cousins husband and he gave up a fantastic career and position with Deloittes to sail around the world nearly twice.

    If you sail into Wells again in the next year, let us know and we will come and share a drink with you. Good luck with your adventures, and good to meet.

  3. Adam and Maria,

    Love your site. We also have a Moody 54 — s/v Karma. I originally saw your post to the MOA website on your swim platform overhaul. I had just completed overhauling ours with a rebuild of the hydraulic cylinders and pump. We are also in the process of updating standing and running rigging in preparation for some long term cruising and have the same issue with frozen blocks on the deck organizers and traveler. Looks like we are having similar issues with our boats and would love to compare notes with you sometime on your upgrades and projects. We are located in Annapolis Maryland in the US.

    • Hi Chris,

      Hadn’t seen this. Really nice to hear from another 54 owner. They do sound very similar problems. I would be really interested to hear more about your plans (

      Kind regards,

      Adam and Maria

  4. Hi Guys,

    It was a pleasure to have met you last night . We hope you enjoyed your evening .
    Hopefully see you again soon.

    Megan &Jess

  5. Hi. I’m really enjoying your blog & finding it very informative. My hubby & I have come to sailing late but enjoy it so much that, after training, we hope to buy a boat, probably our one & only boat so need to get things right hopefully!
    We have seen a Moody54 and absolutely fallen in love! Not necessarily with that one but the design, the space…. would you mind if I ask a few questions?
    How easy is it to sail and have you taken her out in challenging weather? She’s a big boat and like you there’d only be the two of us (unfortunately my beautiful black cat is too old to come with us so will be fostered by our grandsons)
    What is the maintenance like? We are both able diyers both with building and mechanical but have heard that the bigger the boat the costs go up enormously
    How is she as a live aboard? If we do this we will probably have to sell our house, scary!
    I’ll leave it at that for now
    Happy Sailing

      • Hi Mariana. After a little wobble I think we’re back on track with our plans to buy a boat. Still trying to decide the best size where we would love a 54 but have a question. As we would be living aboard and moving around we are trying to work out how easy it would be to find moorings. What has been your experience?

      • Hi Ruth,
        On the East Coast of the UK, there some restrictions. Brightlingsea for instance apparently has a maximum length of 50 feet. However, the nice thing about having a larger boat is that you can have a good tender and with a good anchor setup, you can anchor off. We haven’t found it difficult to find moorings either permanent or on our frequent trips. I suspect that this is similar elsewhere, with some places not able to take you, but alternatives being available.

        Kind regards,

        Adam and Maria

  6. Hi both,
    Sandy from Belize here. We met yesterday on the beach in Antigua. At miami airport now and heading back to Belize where I’ll have a good look at your site which all looks very interesting. I’ll follow your progress with interest and not a little envy!
    If you do decide to make a wee detour to Belize, be sure to let me know and I can give you all the info you need. Careful though… remember I came here for a week…. 22 years ago!
    I wish you fair wimds and safe sailing.

  7. Good day.We have a Moody 47 on the West Coast with the same swim platform. I used the info in your article to change out the hydraulic rams and like you mentioned, much easier than I expected. I’ve bled some of the air out but I’m sure there is more. Was there a procedure you followed to bleed all the air? It goes up fine but takes a couple of tries to get it to go down, we too installed a remote but never thought of adding the light. I will look into that. Thanks for the post. The information saved me a lot of guesswork,

    Walt & Linda Drechsler
    SV Pellucidar

  8. Hi,

    I’ve found your blog thoroughly interesting/useful!

    We have a Moody 54 and are looking into replacing the propellor as our cruising speed is only just over 6 knots.

    Do you happen to know the specifications of your propellor (pitch/diameter) … it would also be great to know what sort of cruising speed you tend to get.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Nick,

      Sorry we missed your comment. Our prop is a brunton autoprop H6,hopefully you are ok to check their website for the info you need. We generally cruise at 7knots.

      Kind regards,

      Adam and Maria

  9. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a 2001 Moody 54 and am starting to follow in your footsteps regards a number of experiences. It was great to find your website and read how you have approached many of the challenges. I was just wondering if you guys are still sailing? I hope to head out from England in late 2023 or 2024 so have basically set 2 years to refit the boat.

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