VHF upgrade

As part of our sailing education, we had decided to practice our skills in the Med and taken a few holidays with Sailing Holidays.  We would always take our hand held VHF and this was great because it meant the person at the wheel was able to talk directly to the people on the bank guiding them in with no Chinese whispers.

On the Dufour we had a remote microphone in the cockpit which achieved the same thing with out the use of the hand held.  We agreed that this was so useful that we should do the same with the Moody.  It also means that the person on the helm doesn’t need to ask someone else to radio in for them on approach to Ipswich, Ramsgate etc.

We bought an ICOM IC-M423 with remote and had this fitted replacing the existing older setup.  The remote adds a lot of convenience and it works for us 🙂

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