Cockpit Table refurbishment

We don’t like grey/silver teak and we know that is how it is meant to look naturally but sorry we like our wood brown!

So we spent some time investigating treatments that would make the wood look good but still allow it to breathe.  Varnish is a lot of work especially in the sun and we would have to sand down and reapply regularly or the wood would look awful.

Eventually, we opted to try International Paints Woodskin. A number of the forums ad good reviews of this and we thought it would make the teak table stand out. Cockpit table refurb

We are really pleased with the results and this is one where a large number of light coats works a lot better than a thick coat.  It just needs reapplying every six to twelve months when you are in the sun and it will continue to look great.

Having had success in this area we decided to use it elsewhere on the boat but more of that later!


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