Build in Puglia – Trullo complete

The build continues in Puglia and Massimo and the team are making great progress.

We are now nearing the end of the Rustic phase and all the cones are complete inside and out. And they look AMAZING!

The scaffolding is down and they can now be seen in all their glory. I have mentioned before that in the completed house they trullo will be a single master bedroom. As you walk into the area through a corridor, there will a dressing table on the right with the entire cone to the left set out as a walk in wardrobe.
img_5387Walking through to the main cones, on the right will be the doorway to the gardens and on the left will be the bedroom with a large bed taking up most of the space. In the next set of cones will be sinks and again to the left the toilet and bath shower. All of these will have the fantastic inner cones to look up into. Cheeky alert – no more counting ceiling tiles for the ladies, we are so considerate we have come up with a beautifully crafted ceiling for you to look at…. 😉

It has taken a long time and our builders have shown a lot of patience as we have slowly got the money together to build the house. We still have money to pay which will all be paid by April. After that comes the really exciting stage of completion where we choose windows, doors, the plumbing and electrical work gets done and the heating/cooling is finalised. We still have a lot of work and money to go but the end is in sight.trullo mariadz

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