Rib cover and line covers

Having bought a very nice walker bay rib a few years ago, we had noticed that it was 20180218_152518getting dirty and damaged by being exposed to the elements.  This will only get worse when we are full time sailing.  The solar panels provide some kind of shelter like a car-port but to protect it properly we needed a cover.  Once again dolphin sails were chosen for this work and Paul Gray helped us to design it so that we can also use the rib for light storage on passage, by adding a zip in the section closest to the yacht.  Clearly we can’t put too much weight up here though! We don’t want to put a strain on the davits or tip ourselves over….20180218_152533

Fitting it isn’t easy and I haven’t quite worked out how to do that if we are not stern to a pontoon or dock.  The design encapsulates the davits and so it can only be fitted properly with the rib raised.  I can see me having to climb out on the davits at times to get this on properly, better keep on the diet I guess! And hold on tight or I’ll be swimming.

At the same time, we had new covers made .
from the same material for the lines that run to the cockpit.  This hides the lines and keeps it neat and tidy.  Bonnie and Clyde are also happy that their beds have a softer base. The things we do for these cats…


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