Clothes Washing

Mariadz, when we first got her, had a SOBA 20170626_114401washing machine which is small and apparently designed for the yachting life.  However, Maria wanted to see if there was a portable solution that would work on the boat, in the motorhome or in Italy before the main house was finished.

In the end, washing machineshe decided on a PORTABLE 230V MINI 3KG WASHING MACHINE. so watch this space to see how this handles our motorhome holiday to Italy and a few uses on the boat during the summer…..the answer is very well.  It is slower than a normal wash because you have to manually change it from wash to spin and the load is not huge but for washing in a hot climate it seems to be a pretty good solution and got a lot of use on our recent trip to Southern Italy.

I have to say though, that I am looking to see IMG_5857whether the Drumi a low-water usage, foot-operated washer takes off. It looks a really good design but a bit pricey.  The price may come down over time so I am keeping an eye on it.

2 thoughts on “Clothes Washing”

  1. Our experience so far is the bigger the better when it comes to washing machines onboard. Ours gets used a huge amount!

  2. Hi, where do you sail? We were rather hoping that clothes would be minimal (or optional if we are on our own 🙂 ) and therefore we didn’t need a big domestic washing machine. The Soba is small and the other two are also small but will take a sheet from the beds and are quick.

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