And off the boat again!

Oh well, that didn’t last long.  We were on the boat for about six weeks before moving off and onto the motorhome.  We have decided to do quite a major project of refreshing the navigation and sorting out the power on Mariadz. It will take a few weeks…..

unfotunately, when you start these things, there’s always a list of other things that get added…on this occasion we moved the battery banks so that they electrical panel messcould be combined, moved and upgraded various pumps, set up the solar power, added a lot of battery monitoring, moved the aerials off of the Neptunes trident, added Maria’s new spreader lights… get the idea!

Anyway it was clear that we couldn’t move back on the boat during November and with a three week holiday planned from Christmas Day, we thought we would do the extra work while we could and have it all cleared for when we returned in January. That didn’t quite work out. We had water damage to our electrical system caused by the water used to put out the fire all those years ago. imageOlly at SeaPower has continued to be brilliant and we know that he is trying to look after the boat as we would. Seapower aren’t the cheapest but they are also not silly expensive and I’m sure that Olly has cut down the hours he has charged us. imageThe thing we need to remember is the unlit you of his work is the highest quality and you can be sure that he has your best interests at heart – at the end of the day that has to be the best recommendation.

But what it did all mean is that we had to live on the motorhome for a couple of months before returning from Australia and spending a few weeks with our good friend Lisa Jones, who has always been there in our hour of need.




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