Hello 2016

Well, we’re still not back on the boat.

Loads of work has been done but it is still being finalised and with the bad weather we decided to stay with Lisa Jones for a few weeks while everything settles down.

We came off the boat in October to allow for a lot of work to be done without us in the way. Due to a combination of minor problems and additional commissioned work, this got delayed to Christmas and the to late January.

2 thoughts on “Hello 2016”

  1. Sounds like you’re sailing through a catalogue from force 4.
    Remember you don’t need everything the salesman tells you.
    Your boat came ready to go.
    Add a few extras but think of what you actually need the rest is just waste. With the size of the boat and it’s draft you won’t get into many marinas so good chain and anchor are important. A good windlass, no you don’t need a chain counter or remote. No you don’t need a bow thrust or aft thruster. Anything that uses power needs to be essential not just for fun or you’ll need to add more batteries or bigger charging system. The question should always be do we want to go cruising then stop wasting money on stuff that will be out of date by the time you go, or delaying your departure because someone told you you needed another gadget.
    Sailing is about planning and relaxing and actually doing it.

  2. Each to their own. You do it your way and we’ll do it ours. We have an idea of how we want to cruise around the world and expect it to take seven years (ish). You’re right, you can do it cheaper and we could have bought a twenty something foot boat and have been gone by now. If you knew Maria and I, you would know we like our creature comforts. That’s our kind of cruising. It’s not for everyone.

    Also having selected our boat, if we had left straight away assuming that everything was OK, we would have been in serious trouble having had an engine rebuild early on. Maybe we wouldn’t have needed to reveal the Windows if we had always stayed in warmer climes but I think it may also rain even then 🙂

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