Headlining problems

Unfortunately, Moody yachts are famous for problems with the headlining. IMG_3952Ours was made worse because every window in the saloon leaked which meant that rainwater went behind the headlining and destroyed the glue between the headlining and the fibreglass. when we first got the boat, we found that the headlining near the curtains was actually falling off the wall.

We spoke to Stevie at Watercraft UK about what we could do and he worked with a specialist to try and resolve this problem.  Some of the work was excellent, double stitching looked good etc. The problem we have had is that the glue has not been sticking well enough.  So we are still looking for the perfect solution but it is a lot better than it was. We then did the same in the sea berth but have had problems there too with the headlining sticking to the ceiling – more thought required.

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