imageMaria and I both enjoy our music and when we bought the boat there was an adequate stereo that fed speakers in the saloon and cockpit. This was an area we had improved in the Dufour by buying a Bluetooth enabled stereo that could link to any device. We decided that the same would work well on the Moody.

I have noticed on car stereos before that some come with a remote control. Why would you need that? You are next to the stereo, it is probably easier to press the button on the radio itself, isn’t it. And who wants to leave someone in the back of the car with control of the music – a recipe for disaster and probably a bit of Abba (same thing in my eyes, sorry Amanda!). However, on a boat, Bluetooth to your own device and a remote control come into their own. We will quite often set the volume at a reasonable level and then fine tune it with the iPad volume control, usually that means turning it up when Maria’s favourite song comes on 🙂

This was the best 100 pounds I spent on the Dufour and it makes everything so convenient on the Moody.

Of course those that know us well will know that Maria also has a fully portable Karaoke setup (bookings now being taken for her world tour…) and also a portable speaker “brick” from Bose which is excellent especially in a cubby hole or against a wall.

Let’s just say that the music options are covered. I wonder if I can dig out a video at this point of Maria singing……

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