Coppercoat vs anti foul

In 2010, we bought our Dufour 455 and researched the benefits of coppercoat compared to antifoul.  Firstly, antifoul needs to be redone each year and this is a messy job.  In comparison, coppercoat has been successful for many years on different boats and needs a lot less work each year.  We were very happy with the results on the DuFour in the River Orwell and based inside the lock at Ipswich.  The boat, after a spray down, was always clean and whenever we had some growth on the hull when in the water, a quick blast down the river and out to sea was enough to clean her up again.image

So one of the first jobs we did once we bought the Moody 54, was to shot blast the hull to remove the old antifoul and then apply the coats of coppercoat.  With our long term travel plans, we thought about whether we would want to haul out and antifoul all the time and in the theory the annual maintenance on copper coat is a lot less than antifoul.

With the coppercoat, we can lift the boat, rekeying the coppercoat and then put her back in immediately.  This should keep the hull clean and make sure that she still goes through the water fast :).   It is expensive to apply and the key is to make sure that good weather is expected.  Putting on coppercoat in rain or cold conditions seems to be when there are significant issues.  We chose a favourable weather window and we have been very pleased with the results with Mariadz being one of the cleanest boats in Ipswich when she comes out of the water and is jet washed down.

3 thoughts on “Coppercoat vs anti foul”

  1. Remembering that Copper coat must be rough sanded every year to keep it working at its full antifouling best.
    So an annual lift out is still necessary. Apart from that the only difference and this is type dependant, is the lift out. Sea queen antifouling requires a lift out every 3 years to apply a new coat. Copper coat requires an annual lift out to rough sand the copper coat to keep it active. Making antifouling the financial winner longterm.

  2. I don’t know about the antifoul that lasts three years but we have always been happy with coppercoat and know nothing about the comparative cost. Certainly the independent reviews I have seen have suggested that copper oats one of the best.

  3. Thinking that checking your boat every years is best approach each to their own. However it’s always good practice regardless on anti foul used to lift boat check anodes etc. If a quick rough sand happens too all good. Criticising people’s preferences to ensure boat is in good order in long run saves money and time in my opinion. Happy to provide name.

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