Improving the quality of our fresh water

Having lived in a marina for a number of years we have become used to filling our water tanks from the Marina supply. This water, for all the right reasons, has a lot of chlorine in it and we have habitually used a Brita filter, or equivalent, for our drinking and cooking water. But we shower in the unfiltered water which isn’t great.  Talking to a friend of ours, Rob on Warisha, uncovered how he resolved this when filling up his tanks in the Caribbean. He used an in-line filter (High Capacity Water Filter Kit 10) which works an absolute treat and is very low cost (especially for anything that can be used in a marina setting!). ae235.jpegWe bought a filter and have the option of fitting this in line with the outlet from our water tank. Instead we have decided to make sure that the water is clean going into the tank by buying hose attachments (quite posh ones). Having emptied the tanks before refilling with the new filter, it took two flushes of the tank but the difference is unbelievable with no smell of chlorine.

Maria is also saying that her hair feels better when she washes it. Definitely a cost effective and useful addition to Mariadz.  Our thought, like Rob, is not to fit this in line with the fresh water system but to filter the water going in.  One thing to remember though, when swapping filters, don’t lose the rubber o ring…. or you will be sending Maria to our local o ring shop to find one! Needless to say she was successful and also bought a spare.

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