Looking after our teak

You may be aware that we bought some beautiful teak chairs a couple of years ago and used these most of last summer which means that the oiled dark teak had been sun lightened. Now although these chairs are originally dipped in oil to get their beautiful colour we will need to do some work to get them back to their best. Not least of all because they were a present from Maria’s step mum.

20190422_163116We decided to do this using teak oil that we bought from the original manufacturer of the chairs although any teak oil would have been fine I’m sure. The instructions were to make sure the teak was clean and then to apply the oil using a soft cloth. You could tell how important it was to Maria since she was right next to me doing a chair :). You can tell the difference in the picture where the work is part done and we were so pleased that we decided to do the same for our teak table.  20190517_165552Unfortunately the preparation of a dirty table that we have had for a few years was a bit more intense. We used teak wonder to remove the dirt from the table and then did the same with the teak oil. The most difficult part was getting the teak oil into all the nooks and crannies of the open mesh table, it took time but was worth it. The process doesn’t take long especially with two of you but I imagine we will have to do it again towards the back end of the season.

Fresh from this success and with a little time as she looks for her next role, Maria decided that our teak decks need to have the vagaries of winter cleaned and should be returned from a dirty grey/green to a glorious grey/brown…  previously we had used Wessex two part to do this but Maria had the Teak Wonder product recommended which confusingly is also a two part product with a cleaner and then a brightener. Sorry no before pics but the difference is marked and when wet they go brown rather than green 🙂

Maria worked hard scrubbing the decks with a soft brush, across the grain obviously, and was pleased with the results which actually got even better after we had washed the boat again afterwards.

The best jobs are those where you are happy with the result, remarkably infrequent in my experience.

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