The one problem with East Coast Stainless

We love Ian and Rob at East Coast Stainless but….. the problem with stainless steel is that it tarnishes over time and you need to look after it.

C4D28334-F763-4B63-8E1C-9D89261B3A0AWith a weekend away planned, Maria decided that we would also be doing boat chores. This week she wants to clean the stainless steel, all of it, which is why I cursed our friends at ECS! if they didn’t do such a good job maybe we would have less to do.

Over a couple of hours we cleaned everything Dorades (funnels), pushpit, pulpit, two mast 20180415_174048pulpits, eight cleats, two davits, one anchor and a solar panel frame. Not all of this has been done by East Coast Stainless but that won’t stop me blaming them 🙂 . I need to check what the guys use to clean up stainless because it always looks immaculate after they have done it but for us HG Steel Polish

Of course on return from our weekend away, I have to wash down the boat. That will be water stains on our immaculate stainless so Maria informs me that we need to go around and quickly clean the stainless to get it looking right again. I can see this is going to be a regular task now! 😦

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