Twitching net curtains

Those who know us well will know that, like most pet “owners”, we are controlled by the cats and they generally get whatever they want. We have a cat flap fitted to a shower door so that they can have privacy when they need to go the toilet! We also let them roam when we are around and rather than fitting a cat flap to the companionway door, we came up with another solution for the winter. A single heavy curtain goes across the companionway which the cats can push past, if they can be bothered – Bonnie! However in the winter, this is too heavy. We have usually just left the door open but this is an entrance for flies too.  Having fitted mossie nets to all open windows, we decided to fit some net curtains to stop any flying insects but still let air through. 

6E925B8E-6E12-403D-82F0-74DBAFBB868FFinding a suitably plain net was easy enough and we only need a couple of square metres so not too expensive. The last task we want to do is to weigh down the bottom edge but in a way that the cats can still push past.  That is assuming that they are brave enough to try – Clyde.

So now we have a net curtain equivalent of our heavy curtain which acts as a cat flap and all for the princely sum of four pounds.

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