Ice, ice baby!

Dahling, one can’t have a sundowner without ice!

And so it began. The hunt for a portable ice maker that could make ice quickly and didn’t use much power. Our cruising friends have always said that ice is very unusual on cruising boats and potentially a commodity. I can see the ice maker being on permanently! Very reasonable rates, or you bring the alcohol and we will supply the ice.

When we had the house we had a top loading ice maker that worked a treat but the location we wanted the ice maker was tucked in next to the washing machine in the centre of Mariadz. A top loader would have been awkward so we needed a front loader.

9EF82801-A7D7-485A-B1BB-1A0A3C5DCC4AThe one we selected was the Hostess Ice Maker which makes ice within fifteen minutes and can produce half a kilo of ice an hour. A little faster than Maria normally uses it for her drinks:)

The best thing is that with the inverter running, it doesn’t use much power at all so perfectly reasonable to run it off batteries, as you would a fridge, and let the solar pump the power back in.

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