New bed for the master (or mistress, I mean lady of the house!)

When we bought Mariadz, she had a mattress in the aft stateroom that was good quality but had seen better days. It did not fit the platform well and the two halves of the mattress separated during the night leaving a moat to catch the unwary “traveller” in the morning.  Clearly, this was more of a problem for Maria than I since she often sleeps like a starfish with all of the covers in the winter and none in the summer (only joking darling….?).

Our first, temporary, solution for this was to buy a memory foam IMG_3943topper for a king sized bed which went over the top of the mattress.  This worked well and stopped us being eaten by the gap in the bed. It also meant that we slept on something new rather than on someone else’s bed. I know you do it all the time in hotels but somehow it feels wrong when it is your own bed.

The long term solution was to replace the mattress completely and make sure that it was made to the right size.  After much investigation, discussion and consultation, we decided to go for what we felt was the best: a Visprung mattress from Passmore. It’s good enough for the Queen so surely her ladyship should be fine with it.

D85609A4-C118-4336-9D69-C53432FB4A80This wasn’t the cheapest option but we were keen to have a long term solution. Julie-Ann at Passmore was really helpful since we were keen to have a joined up mattress with two different halves. The split is needed to allow access to the storage and machinery (aircon) under the bed. Despite the knowledge that they would be a perfect size we were still keen to have a zip joining the two mattresses together and since nobody wants to sleep on a zip, a cloth cover over the zip to make sure the 3B94A5D2-1DE6-4B94-B473-075E1AE65682bed was comfortable. The visprung beds are quite firm and there was an option to go extra firm which Maria toyed with, in the end we are grateful that we went with “only” the firm mattress.

As you’d expect from a quality company, the workmanship and fit are perfect and so now there are no excuses for not crossing the border to the other side of the bed…..poor Maria! This may entail a strip search.

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