Three minutes, Ms Smallwood, you’re on…

Winter is coming and unfortunately we are still both having to work for a living so that we can fulfil our dreams in a few years time. That means that we are now getting up in the dark (and the cold 😦 ) to get to work, well at least so Maria can get to work – I am working locally but being a gent get up at the same time to drive her to the station when she needs it.

As part of her getting ready for work, Maria needs to dry her hair and put make up on, img_6785which is not best put on in the dark. Clearly the Moody 54 wasn’t designed with this requirement in mind and lighting is dim to say the least.  So as part of her interim requirements to live on the boat prior to our journeys, Maria needed some decent lights in the aft stateroom. These have now been fitted and I think it resembles a make up table in a theatre, but it is much better. It also has the added advantage that if “someone” is still in bed beyond when they shouldn’t be, it is possible to img_6787put enough lights on in the aft cabin to overcome their reticence to get up. At the moment, I have been the only recipient of this particular treatment 😉 .

At the same time, we had some new “mood” lighting added to the forepeak cabin for when our guests say. We stole this idea from the only other Moody 54 we have ever been on when she visited Ipswich.  These lights are LED and adjustable.  This means they can easily act as background lighting or the main lighting as required. This shows how much more considerate to our guests Maria is than I. img_6788 I would never have got this done, thinking they have lights in there and it’s not as if they will need the lights on for long but I have to admit that they do look good.

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