Electrical panel

Mariadz was built in 2001, and this was when her electrical old navsystem was last overhauled. In the interim, a number of items had been added or removed from the electrical mix and this meant that the switches for a particular piece of equipment was quite random – of course the navigation needs to be on for the 12V charger to be live. There was a lot of duplication in the items on each switch which resulted in more power being used than was required, this would cause us problems on our blue water cruising. And we thought it looked dated!
However, there were some features we liked on it – it can be seen in the picture above. electrical panel messWe liked the outline of the Moody 54 which showed the lights that were currently on. Of course with our change to LEDs these no longer illuminated. There were also redundant switches for the inverter that had been ripped out prior to our ownership and the generator which we had to remove due to being uneconomical to repair when we got it.  More on that in another post. imageOf course the navigation changes also created some space in this area but of course there was extra to add for the new inverter, the engine hour counter (moved from the steering column), the SSB and AIS which both took up shelf space and the new battery monitoring gear. Maria was very particular about the switches we wanted, and took her time choosing the, to get it right, we also decided to have lights on the panel so we could see what was switched on.  Extra switches were added to remove the duplicate use and to provide redundancy for the future (or I guess spares if we need 🙂 ). The multiple gauges for the water, fuel etc were replaced with a single switchable gauge.  The new inverter also automates the switching between shore power and generator (and tops up as required) so several switches which seemed to duplicate the switch between generator, inverter and shore power. Lots more space, result. We think the whole setup looks a lot cleaner and logical.  It also gave us the opportunity to clean up the wiring, access to the wiring and replace some electrical items that were fresh water damaged but not replaced.

3 thoughts on “Electrical panel

  1. I think there are a lot of switches but we have actually simplified the electrics. It is a complex boat with a lot of electric devices. We didn’t want to have combinations as the old panel had. For instance the 12v chargers were only available when the navigation was on. The inverter charger has simplified the ac power side since we no longer have a load of switches for shore, inverter and generator. There are also some spares which may be useful in the future.

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